Groovy Getaways

We provide getaways for groups of people that have something in common.

We work with member(s) of your group to design the getaway, once everyone's happy we go ahead, it's that easy.   

Our Getaways are in the Western District of Victoria, Australia - where rolling countryside meets a spectacular coastline. 

Or call Ben 0490 799 784 to find out more. 

Guests about to commence a rail trail bike to the coast

Our guests about to commence their bike ride to the coast.

We design the Getaway according to your group's interests, which might include: 

We cater for people with ‘active minds’ and ‘active bodies’. So, our getaways also have a ‘learning’ element and we strive to provide an activity that you haven’t tried before.

Our menu of activities have been carefully crafted and refined.  

Or call Ben 0490 799 784 to find out more. 

Following are just a few examples from our menu - we'll design the Getaway to suit your group's interests. 

See here for sample itineraries from other groups.    


A view into Port Campbell from our coastal walk. 


Guests can bring instruments for a jam at our venue. There's also lots of space for dancing. 

Local Immersion 

Enjoy the many offerings from local producers and businesses.

e.g. Ice-creamery, Cheese producers, Distilleries, Breweries, hot springs, and more


Birdwatching groups will enjoy country Victoria's vibrant and diverse bird life. 


Experience the fresh country air and ever-changing coastal views. 


Collect fresh produce from the surrounding farm gates. Our professional cook will provide expert tips during the cook-up in our commercial kitchen. Then the best part – a shared meal together!


Relax into the unique country golf courses.